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Online Gun Show

Welcome to Murray's Online Gun Show. These are extra items I ended up with from deals where they came with the item(s) I wanted, plus some things that have surfaced from my gun room or warehouse.




Frankford Arsenal Rotary Separator Kit

Only $35, new in the box, MSRP $60 US.

Call Murray 604.889.3822 or email


Used Competition Electronics Pocket Pro timer

A good unit for practice and a savings from new.

Call Murray 604.889.3822 or email


STI custom grip

I have put a steel grip on my Open and no longer need this highly modified unit, maybe you do.

Call Murray 604.889.3822 or email


Found 2000 rounds of WW .45 ACP new brass, comes in bags of 500, $.28/case. Buy one or all.

for 500

Also some large primer range cull, cleaned, 2 bags of 200, $.15/case. Buy one or all.

for 200



sight/scope mount


L - Walther .32ACP PPK SOLD
R - Wallam .380ACP

$35 each

1911 solid bbl. bushing

$10 each

9mm/.38 comp


Slide Release


Ejectors (.38 and 9mm)

$10 each

More ejectors

$5 each

Magazine catch and lock

$15 each

Various 9mm/.38 Super extractors


Hammer strut


Series 80 Firing Pin Stop

$10 each

Barrel Link

$5 each

EGW XL Ejector .38

$15 each

Caspian Arms firing pins


1911 mainspring housings, metal or plastic, flat or round

$10 each

Grip Safety

$15 each

Grip Safety



$10 each

Miscellaneous triggers


Dan Wesson bbl. tool and plug


Good .45 ACP Slide Stop Metaloyd


Lot Sale: Everything in this picture


1911 10mm bbls, prices as marked


Recoil Spring Guides

$20 each

Group Gripper Kit


Heavy 1911 grips have a steel piece between frame and grips; two tone have bushings in the grip to hold better.


Miscellaneous 1911 grips; bottom left, 10mm SOLD; bottom right, modified Pachmayr


Top left, clockwise: 1. SW N-frame SOLD; 2. old Tanfoglio; 3. unknown; 4. Colt something-or-other


Call me at 604.889.3822 (9AM to 5PM Pacific Time)
or email me

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