Elder “Brother Zeke” Jeske

It is with a heavy heart I report to you that another IPSC Canada historical founding member has left the range.

Elder Jeske passed from cancer Saturday January 27, 2018.

Rod, Blair and I met Elder in late 1976. He was another of those zealot pistol shooters who became addicted to IPSC as had the three of us. Ever the meticulous reloader, bullet caster and shooter, Elder was a calming presence for the three frantic zealots he had met.

We asked him how he got the name “Zeke”. Apparently he played organ in a rock band and they always introduced him like this: “ On the organ, Brother Zeke!” and it stuck.

Zeke made the 3rd foray into California in Jan 1978 with Rod and I.

Yes, moustaches WERE very cool and there was no one cooler than us.

Zeke was one of those unpretentious souls who you watched move slowly until the start signal, then watch out, greased lightning! He hammered targets with the best of us. You can see his coveted Andy Anderson Walk-and-Draw tie down holster given to him by Craig Hamilton of CA. Zeke had admired this rig and Craig generously gave it to him when the CA gang came up in early 1978.

Yeah, we did back to target starts then too.

Zeke fully decked out with Bausch & Lomb aviator shooting glasses in his NVSA (North Valley Shooters Association, Gridley CA) cap and shoulder patch. He had the full costume.

And mandatory accessory, Coast Mountain Combat Association (later Coast Mountain Practical Shooters) patch on the right sleeve. Two tone gun, fixed sights, no ambi safety or beavertail grip safety (they were not invented yet) was the equivalent of todays tactical designation.

Check the extensive props for this stage, 1978. Targets are hand cut seconds of beer case templates. Hog fuel and orange cones make up the props to run a match then.

Where barricades were born.

Over time, Zeke wrote for magazines about his hunting experiences and shared that knowledge with all. He ran a gun shop, worked as Range Manager for various RCMP ranges, always a HACS gun show member, silhouette shooter, Master Instructor for CFSC/CRFSC and much, much more. I just wish I could remember it all.

Thirty years later, 30th IPSC Canada Nationals, BC.
L-R, Rod Philipsen (left the range 2011), Blair Molsberry, Murray Gardner, Elder Jeske

Rest in Peace, Brother Zeke.



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