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Choosing a Holster

Read the following article courtesy of Choosing a Holster.

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Alpha-X Holster


Alpha-X Holster, bare frame only


Pistol inserts extra

$95 and up

Colour inserts

$5 extra

Note: You can personalize your holster with inserts from the list further down the page

In recent years Double-Alpha Academy's competition holsters have been setting the benchmark for advanced design and cutting-edge performance. The Race Master Holster has become the go-to competition holster worldwide for many top Champion shooters in our sport.

The ALPHA-X was born of years of experience and market feedback, looking to take the Race Master Holster even further, creating a new fresh, striking look and adding several meaningful performance upgrades.

New Ball Joint and Lock-Up Mechanism

The ball joint of the Alpha-X offers a wide range of motion, allowing you to position your holster at just the right angle. This holster uses a much larger ball joint and a pressure lug lock-up, which locks the ball firmly without marking or damaging it. With this system even the smallest adjustments are always possible.

The ball joint is now located higher up, closer to the center of the holster. This reduces the torque and forces applied, contributing to the solid rigid feel of the holster.

A large easy-to-reach one-screw locking system allows you to adjust the holster position even when wearing it.

Body Rail Height Adjustment

The Alpha-X achieves its height adjustment by means of a rail built directly into the side of the holster body itself. This offers an extended range of adjustment and again reduces torque and forces applied. Here too the lock up is achieved by an expanding dovetail mechanism that does not gouge or damage the rail.

Detachable Belt Hanger

The Alpha-X has a two-piece belt hanger which can be dismantled by opening a single screw, allowing all position settings to be maintained while removing the holster body from the belt for easier space-saving transport.


See this chart for DAA Insert Block Pistol Compatability.

Yet another aid for you to order the right part and avoid frustration: The SIG P320 and P320X5 ARE different, as shown in the DAA Insert Block Pistol Compatability Chart, and in the picture to the right. Be certain you order the right one to save yourself some frustration!

If you are ordering a holster or an insert block for a CZ TS Czechmate or CZ TS Orange, please contact us first with a picture of your trigger guard area. CZ seem to be using two styles of frames for these pistols. Without seeing your gun, we will not know which insert model you need.

You need to attach the picture similar to one of these.

As always, we do recommend the muzzle support option when dealing with round trigger guard 1911ís.


Please choose from:
Black - Red - Blue - Yellow        
- Silver - Gold - Copper


Alpha-X Holster Thigh Pad

Holster Thigh Pad



The thight pad is compact and easy to install, no tools required. It helps keep the holster a bit more stable and wonít let it dig into your leg.

A nice addition I added to my own rig!

Extended Ball-Joint

Extended Ball-Joint



This ball piece positions your Alpha-X holster further from the body. It improves adjustability by about 8mm.

Standard Magnetic Insert

Standard Magnetic Insert

$95 and up

SW revolver and non-standard sizes


All inserts fit both Race Master and Alpha-X holsters.

The magnetic insert for the RaceMaster and Alpha-X holsters is one of its keys to success. In less than 5 minutes, I can change my STI set up to CZ Shadow, Glock, etc. Note: This is REALLY easy. My hands can do ONLY two things: feed me and shoot, and I manage to switch out my holster insert just fine:)

Many owners are now able to use one complete rig and shoot various guns out of the same holster by just changing the trigger block. Keep this in mind when you are thinking about a new holster.

These MAGNETIC holster inserts take the place of the traditional inserts and are not only physically solid but also mechanically sound. If you want to upgrade your RaceMaster or Alpha-X, this is a great addition.

PDR PRO II Holster

PDR PRO II Holster


This is the go-to holster for the Shadow2 and many other popular models. It has been well upgraded and redesigned and allows more adjustment. Belt to holster fit is improved for contact inner/outer velcro on your belt. The PDR-PROII allows better hand contact to the pistol grip allowing a high thumb grip so important to a solid draw. Black only, RH and LH available.

From DAA:
Hi Murray,

Great gun, the Shadow2, but it does seem like no two are alike. I see issues like this with both the PDR fit and the Alpha X inserts, and measuring guns we get our hands on clearly shows why. Lots of external variancesÖ

A little fitting to the body of the PDR PRO II should solve the issue for your customer, quickly and easily. This video shows how it is to be done:

Best Regards,
Saul Kirsch
General Manager
Double-Alpha Academy B.V.

Drop & Offset Holster with ASR belt attachment

DROP & OFFSET HOLSTER with ASR belt attachment


The "offset" feature of this holster allows for a greater degree of outward cant, which positions the grip of your pistol away from the body in a vertical position for more positive indexing. This popular holster also features a "drop", which lowers the placement of the pistol for an easier reach, allowing the arm to remain more extended.

The Drop & Offset holster is very popular for range work and is perfect for women's carry. The loop is adjustable for three different cants, Straight Drop, FBI cant, Muzzle Forward.

ONLY for the following handguns and models while in stock:
BT2015.1 DOS - CZ P09
BT2105.1 DOS - CZ P07 RH black
BT2107 DOH -Browning HiPower RH black
BT2109 DOH - CZ 75 RH black
BT2110L DOS - Ruger SR9 LH
BT2111 DOH - Beretta 92FS RH black
BT2112 DOH - CZ 75 Tctcl Sprt Rh blk
BT2114 DOS - Beretta PX4 Storm 9/40
BT2115.S Speed-Baby Eagle 4.5 .45 rail
BT2115L DOS - Baby Eagle 4.5", rail LH
BT2120 DOH - Ruger P85 RH black
BT2150 DOH - SA XD 9/40 5" RH black
BT2151 DOS - Springfield XD 5.25" RH
BT2155 DOH - Beretta 90-Two
BT2156 DOS - Beretta 92/96 Brigadier
BT3021 DOS Steyr L9A1 RH black
BT3040 DOH Ruger 22/45 6.8" bbl RH bl
BT3050 DOH - HK USP Expert RH black
BT3052 DOS HK P30L rh black
BT4110 DOH-STI GP6 RH Black
BT6102 DOS - SW 686 4.25" RH black
BT6103 DOS - S&W L frame 5"


Dan from ON

I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for going through all the extra hassle of getting the right parts for my Race Master holster. I am extremely happy with the product and the service you provided was even more impressive. Thank you again!

Greg from BC

The custom holster just arrived and I am really impressed. It fits perfectly. Thank you Murray and BladeTech for your efforts. Itís definitely been worth the wait.

Martin from Quebec

I appreciate very much your support and advice. By now you should have received the money order from Canada Post. My order was complete and perfect.

S from Newfoundland

The holster arrived today and it is a perfect fit with the gun and the rig. I am extremely pleased and the wait was well worth it. Thanks for consulting on the entire package, range bag and accessories included. I must comment on your professionalism and effort toward ensuring I acquired quality gear. I will definitely be back for future needs. Thanks again.


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