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(BLACK BADGE) Training Certification Course

Extreme Pistol (IPSC) Shooting is a fun, dynamic and safe handgun sport. More, Course Schedule

Next Course: Sat/Sun Apr 14/15 or Tuesdays: Apr 24/ May 01

Firearms Safety Course

All Canadians wishing to possess or acquire a firearm must pass the Canadian Firearms Safety Course. More, Course Schedule

Next CFSC/ CRFSC: Sat/Sun Sep 22/23


Firearms Training

IPSC Training Packages

Recreational Intro to Shooting
(for Non-Shooters)

Handgun, Rifle or Shotgun Training

Professional Services

Authorization to Carry (for Wilderness Carry)

Estate Resolution

Range Safety Assessment


Buying Your First Pistol

Private Collection for Sale

Selections from my Firearms Collection

Gift Certificates

Available in any amount

what's up DOC?

Happy Birthday to Me!

I want to recognize a couple of important milestones in 2018:

First, I celebrate 70 revolutions around the sun on Wednesday March 28!

As well, my business will celebrate its own 45th birthday in July.

So this is sort of a reverse birthday present; I am giving you discounts on select products up to 40%. Iíll wait while you pick yourself up off the floor and re-read that. :))

Itís MY celebration, and you get to treat YOU. How good is that?

So, it's time for you to save some money and help me celebrate.

First, a few conditions: All sales are final. No exchanges or returns.
Sale prices only on items in stock (unless otherwise noted).
All final decisions on pricing are at the discretion of only.

So what's on sale? Darn near everything!

Electronic Muffs from SmartReloader! Red ones are $25 and pink ones are only $15!

GhostStryke electronic plugs! $400, color depends on availability

All ammo boxes! $4, while supplies last

Multi function mag brushes! $10 (regular $15)

CR Speed Holsters only $100 each! WSM2 1911 in green, WSM2 Glock in black, WSM2 Glock large in black

Assorted awesome range gear! CR Speed gun cover only $10. WSM Platform in red, only $20.

How about some reloading treats? Redding .40SW Competition dies (normally $250) now only $175. Lee .45 ACP 4 die set now only $70

Plus 40% off all Iron Eagle products and also 40% off magnetic gun caddy products

Plus 30% off a wide range of BladeTek holsters for a wide range of firearms See List. And of course everything on my Specials page is 30% off already.

Plus 20% off just because I feel like it on all rolls of tape of 2000 patches, Race Master holsters (red or purple only), ShotMaxx Timers, any Laser ammo products in stock, any fibre optic inserts, all Aluma grip products in stock, and all Storage Solutions products

Plus 10% off just about everything else except Dillon and the classes

Plus 5% off Dillon products, in stock or special order

Doctor's Orders! On March 28, have a big piece of chocolate cake to celebrate my 70.

Thanks, as always, for your support and for helping me make the first seventy years so much fun!

Now Be Super-Stylin'

Order a personalized shirt with your name front and back... or plain, your choice.

After much encouragement, I am providing a custom shooting shirt that you can make your own by having your name, if wanted, front and back. Cost is $65.

If you wish to have one, send me your email and I will contact you to get your correct measurements, and your shipping address, etc.

Thank you for your support over these many years. cap also available

Introducing the almost (maybe potentially) famous baseball cap!

Get one today for only $20 and guarantee* yourself more Aís and faster times!

*Note: Variations in performance may occur depending on your age and desire to practice.

Phone Calls Preferred!

Email is great for quotes and pictures, but most general questions are better dealt with by phone. I will pay for long distance calls inside Canada.

We can set up the call by email if you want. Remember, I live on the West Coast. Best for me is Mon-Fri from 8-11am PST and 2-4pm PST, but if that doesn't work for you we will figure it out.

Get in touch, so we can set you up. And thank you for helping me provide you with great service!

Save Freight Costs in 2018

I can bring your order to the matches, classes or area shown below.
Please let me know the Wednesday BEFORE so I can fill your order.

IPSC Training Courses Abbotsford Fish & Game Club

Sat/Sun Mar 10/11
Sat/Sun Apr 14/15
Sat/Sun May 12/13
Sat/Sun Jun 16/17
Sat/Sun Jul 17/24
Sat/Sun Sep 08/09
Sat/Sun Oct 13/14
Sat/Sun Nov 24/25

IPSC Matches

Mar31/Apr01 - Poco
Apr28/29 - Terrace
May19/10 - TMSA
May26/27 - Trail
June02/03 - Victoria
June09/10 - Kamloops
June23/24 - Ft.St. John
July01/02 - Poco
July14/15 - Nanaimo
July21/22 - Wms Lake
Aug14-19 - Nationals Selkirk MB
Aug30/Sep02 - Provincials, Kamloops
Sep15/16 - Pr George
Oct07/08 - Poco

Steel Matches, TMSA

First Sat every month except
Feb, May, Sep(IPSC Provincials)

Thank you for all your support and business over the years!

Umbrellas Now Available

Featuring the IPSC Canada logo on one side and the logo on the other, these handsome umbrellas protect you and your gear from rain and sun.

See me to get yours while they last!

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