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Magazines & Pistol Parts

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Fiber Optic Sight Refill


Refill Packs

(1mm or 1.5mm, red or green)

$5 per piece

Fits standard fiber optic sights. When you order, please specify 1mm or 1.5mm, as well as red or green.

NOTE: When installing the fiber optic rod, some shooters like to use a small dab of crazy glue where the rod will touch the middle support of the sight. Do not put glue on the front support or the back support as it will be much more difficult to uninstall/reinstall the rod for future modifications.

1911 Steel Clip



This unique Steel clip is designed to capture the recoil spring plug on 1911s using the reverse plug system. Replaces bent paper clips or small nails, which are cumbersome to use. Slip the loop portion of this clip over the guide rod and slide until the end is positivity engaged with the retention hole in the rod. This allows for a controlled release of the slide in disassembling a pistol by capturing the recoil spring until it is purposely removed. Dis-assembly becomes smoother, easier, and prevents mishaps.

A perfect addition to the workbench, range bag, and cleaning kit. Buy several and always be prepared when the need arises.

Double Alpha Adjustable Thumb Rest



I am pleased to offer the successful Adjustable Thumb Rest, in a new, narrower configuration, especially designed to fit the box for Standard Division shooters. The new paddle width is 11mm (down from 16mm) allowing a standard STI Edge to fit easily into the box with this Thumb Rest attached.

The DAA Adjustable Thumb-Rest allows you to do what no other will – to adjust both the angle and the position of your thumb-rest with just a turn of a screw!

The benefits of mounting a thumb-rest on the pistol are well established, and many top shooters choose to use one on their competition guns. These are legal for both Open and Standard Divisions, as long as the box restrictions are met.

The biggest problem, however, is deciding where exactly to mount the thumb-rest, and what angle will best suite your shooting grip. Once mounted, other thumb-rests are difficult or impossible to reposition, as the screw holes are already drilled into the frame. And why should you be limited to the elevation angle decided on by one manufacturer or another? No longer! You can now adjust your thumb-rest as you like, experiment, and readjust as often as needed. This unique original design allows for unlimited adjustments within a range of about half an inch, and these adjustments can be done without removing the thumb-rest from the frame. You can adjust the paddle even as the base remains locked in place.

Mec-Gar 1911 Magazine


.45 ACP 8 shot magazine, blue


These are one of the best after market .45 ACP mags I have found. Buy them with confidence to know they will work.

STI mag spacers for 9mm Luger


STI mag spacers for 9mm Luger

$10 each

These aluminum spacers are made for 140mm mags so you will have to shave the bottom to fit your 126mm mags (it will look like the one on the right). Even I can do that! ;)

CZ SP01 Thin Grips


CZ SP01 Thin Grips, Blue



CZ SP01 Thin Grips, Red


The DAA CZSP01 aluminum grips are made of top quality 6061 aluminum. They are precisely machined for a snug fit on your CZSP01 frame to prevent wiggle or unwanted movement. Assembly uses the original grip screws. Laser cut M3 grip tape is supplied for you to apply, if desired, into machined pockets. These thin grips narrow down the grip to approximately 29.4mm and make reaching your mag release easier.

Para Ordnance Grips

Note that these grips are also available for Para Ordnance.


Para Ordnance Grips (black only)


EGW beavertail


EGW beavertail


* Machined from: Stainless steel
* Finish: Stainless steel
* Compatible with: Frames cut for a .250" radius, like STI or Brown
* Not compatible with: The Wilson beavertail cut. In order to utilize the EGW beavertail grip safety on a Springfield or Caspian frame, you will need to weld the tangs.
* Machined from bar stock in stainless steel.

Through years of experience building guns, EGW was able to come up with a lot of improvements over the various beavertail offerings available today and include the following:

- Wider than the frame @ .770 (allowing you to the blend the beavertail to the frame, and not the other way around)
- The pin hole is reamed to .158 (improving fit and ambi's function)
- Lower bottom grip surface (no need to break into the thumb safety hole)
- Longer bottom (less gap between beavertail and main spring housing)
- Wider bottom to "fill" frame better (around .617)
- Bottom radius smaller to better fill frame radius cuts
- .308-.309 wide to fit frame ears snug (no rattles)
- The pad is fuller and blank allowing for artist's interpretation
- No pits, as the part is machined from bar stock
- Radius is .245 to better fit frames that are pre cut to .250
- Bottom angle better matches main spring housing again for less gap

Heavy Duty higher mag catch, barstock, checkered s/s


Heavy Duty higher mag catch, barstock, checkered s/s


Finish: Stainless Steel

Compatable with: Most high quality 1911s - will not work in double stack or high cap 1911s.

The shelf on our EGW Higher Mag Catch is .020 higher, to hold the magazine higher in the frame.

Guns that have issues with nose dives will benefit from the higher mag placement (provided there is a small gap between the magazine and the frame in the front). The result is better feeding with 8 round 45 mags and hollow points.

The higher mag catch is checkered for better grip.

This part is NOT MIM or CAST.

Our mag catch is NOT tapped for buttons.

1911/2011 mag catch button cap


Stainless steel 1911/2011 mag catch button cap



Magazine Springs



$15 each

The best possible spring to use in your magazines, custom made by Wolff Springs for Arredondo design.

This spring is longer and stronger than the originals supplied with most magazines. Will clip on to Arredondo followers, but can be easily fitted to work with most other followers as well. Only available for 1911 hicap guns.

EGW 1911 Recoil Springs

8#, 11#, 12.5#, 14# and 16#

$15 each

DAA Followers

STI .38/.40 mag spring 126/140 mag for followers


The DAA 2011 followers are designed to maximize capacity and reliability in all types of 2011 magazines. They have been tested and used in both 38 and 40 caliber mags, from STI, SVI, BUL, Para, Rescomp and others. These followers are precision CNC machined from Delrin, a self-lubricating material which ensures slick and reliable feeding in the mag tubes.

The low profile requires the minimum amount of space possible. The undercut and looped attachment to the DAA mag springs, mean that these follower cannot lift off, separate or rotate off of their springs. Once you assemble them to the DAA spring – you will feel the difference in comparison to other similar designs. The DAA follower locks on much more firmly!

These followers are not designed to reliably activate your slide stop. They are best used in pistols in which the slide stop has been deactivated, as is commonly done by serious IPSC/USPSA shooters and gunsmiths.

The DAA 2011 Followers are best used with DAA 2011 mag springs, but can also be used with Grams or TTI springs. Other springs may require some custom fitting or may not be used at all with this follower.

These Followers can be used in shorter 9mm mags as well (with spacer found on this page) by shortening 1.5-2.0mm off the back end.

General Parts

Stainless steel hex head 1911 grip screws


Stainless steel hex head 1911 grip screws

$12/set of 4

Stainless steel hex head 1911 grip screws. No more twisted slotted screws.

Standard Division Aluminum base pads


$30 each

Black only in stock, colours available on special order.

Made of top quality aluminum to tight tolerances and hard anodized. fit snugly onto STI/SV/Para/Bul mag tubes allowing just a bit of wiggle. Spring tension keeps them in place and a self-locking set-screw had been added for extra confidence. The pad is hollowed out so minimum thickness is achieved and edges radiuses for inner strength. Come with a 5 year warranty.

Mag Base Pads



Mag base pads, designed for STI 140mm mags and may fit Para as well.

CRSpeed Platform



Our Customers have requested it so we made it. The CR Speed Platform Retro-fits any CR Speed Model, for Shooters who want an alternative to our standard Muzzle cup.

The Platform is supplied with 3 Inserts allowing it to be used with popular IPSC Calibres Incl. 9/38, 40 & 45.

The Platform can also be reversed for Short or long Pistols & has 2 heights to accomodate all popular IPSC Pistols.

Red only.


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