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I have counted all my inventory at year end and reviewed the volume of sales for each item. Some products, cool and well-made as they are, do not sell well. Good business practice tells me that they must go and be replaced with more popular items. If people want these in the future, I may be able to special order them again, but in the meantime-- here's your chance for a super deal!

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Cleaning & Reloading

Spent Primer Chutes


SDB Spent Primer Chute



550 Spent Primer Chute



650 Spent Primer Chute



1050 Spent Primer Chute


No more spent primers bouncing out and onto the floor when you reload!

Each Spent Primer Chute™ installs easily on your Dillon reloading press. Spent primers are routed through clear PVC tubing (included) into any convenient waste container. The Spent Primer Chute™ creates a fully enclosed pathway for spent primers ... so they simply can't bounce out!

All spent primer chutes come with 3 feet of clear PVC tubing, long enough to route spent primers to a container on, or under, your reloading bench. Route it to a 5-gallon paint pail and you won't need to empty the spent primers for a very long time! If you use a strong mount, you can even drill a 1/2" hole directly under the press, run the PVC tubing through the hole, and place a container under your reloading bench where it is out of the way.

Note: The 650 Spent Primer Chute™ will not fit certain older XL 650 presses ... manufactured prior to about 1997. These older presses do not have the same mounting bracket for the Spent Primer Cup, so don't have the threaded screw holes needed to mount the 650 Spent Primer Chute™.

Please refer to the "Platform Assembly Drawing" in your Dillon XL 650 Instruction Manual for these part numbers and their locations on the press.

  • WILL FIT: If your press is equipped with the blue Spent Primer Cup (part #16211) and Spent Primer Cup Bracket (part #16209) attached by two screws (part #14689), then the 650 Spent Primer Chute™ will fit.
  • WILL NOT FIT: If your press is equipped with Spent Primer Cup Bracket (part #13421) and Spent Primer Cup (part #13420), the 650 Spent Primer Chute™ will not fit.

Arrendondo Powder Drop Slide with Micrometer SDB/650/ 750 or 550/1050


Arrendondo Powder Drop Slide with Micrometer 550/1050



Arrendondo Powder Drop Slide with Micrometer SDB/650


If you use Vectan SP2 or other super fine grained powders, you know how the powder can leak around the powder bar and even jam the Dillon powder bar. The Arredondo Accessories plastic Powder Drop Slide has been proven to cure this problem.

You get all of the advantages of the Arredondo Powder Drop Slide PLUS our Micrometer Powder Bar Kit™!

Need super small powder drops? These powder drop slides are customized, exclusively for UniqueTek, to allow even smaller powder drops than the standard Arredondo Powder Drop Slide. They will meter down to 0.7 grains (with Win 231) and they meter very small powder drops more accurately than the Dillon extra-small powder bar. If you are loading small centerfire cartridges like the .32 S&W Long for ISSF Center Fire Pistol and other target competition, this is THE powder bar to use!


  • Prevents galling with Vectan SP2
  • Super small powder drop ... as low as 0.7 grain (with Win 231)
  • Micrometer Powder Bar Kit is preinstalled

ORDERING NOTES: Due to the different orientations of the powder measure on the various Dillon presses, the powder drop slide is available with the micrometer installed in one of two orientations. If you do not make a selection, you will be sent the UT350 for the RL 550B/Super 1050 presses.

  • Left side of powder bar — For RL 550B or Super 1050 - UT350
  • Right side of powder bar — For XL 650/750 or Square Deal B - UT345

Although the micrometer index marks will read upside down on the XL 650/750 or Square Deal B, this orientation provides better visibility of the micrometer and easier powder weight adjustment. Please indicate your choice by part #.

2x Powder Hopper Tube


2x Powder Hopper Tube


If you reload large capacity rifle cartridges, large quantities of pistol cartridges for competition, or use "fluffy" high load density powders like IMR Trail Boss, you know how frustrating it is to have to stop frequently to fill the powder hopper on your Dillon press. Ever wish you could "Super Size" your powder hopper? Now you can! The 2X Powder Hopper Tube™ doubles the powder capacity of your Dillon Auto Powder Measure by replacing the original 7" powder hopper tube with a 14" powder hopper tube.

Fits both the Dillon Auto Powder Measure and the Dillon "Belted Magnum" Powder System!

The 2X Powder Hopper Tube™ is made from high-strength, clear, poylcarbonate tubing that will not stain or discolor from extended contact with most gunpowders.*

Our Precision Powder Baffle™ is included and provides a uniform flow of gunpowder to the powder bar, regardless of the powder level in the hopper. The powder baffle is made from 20 gauge aluminum and is water-jet cut to precise dimensions.

Easy Installation! Just empty the powder measure, remove the two screws attaching the original powder hopper and lift off the powder hopper tube. Insert the 2X Powder Hopper Tube™ and attach using the original screws. You even get to use your original Dillon powder measure lid.

Compatibility with Dillon Low Powder Sensor If you use a Dillon Low Powder Sensor, it will still fit but will alarm at 50% full unless you modify it with a longer follower rod. Extending the follower rod is easy and inexpensive and instructions are included.

Powder Trickler


Powder Trickler


The Frankford Arsenal Powder Trickler allows very small amounts of powder to be dispensed to achieve precise load weights. Dust/moisture covers protect powder while in the trickler. The Frankford Arsenal Powder Trickler is designed to work for all powder types, scales and supporting reloading equipment.

- Synthetic Dust Cover that doubles as a non-skid base
- Increased height to fit almost all powder scales
- Large powder capacity Heavy machined steel to prevent tip overs

Media Transfer Magnet


Media Transfer Magnet


The Transfer Magnet is ideal for handling stainless media pins. It effectively gathers and then releases pins with a pull of the handle. Makes separating pins from brass fast and convenient.

- Easily handle and transfer 304 stainless media pins
- Gathers then releases when handle is pulled
- Ideal accessory for rotary tumbling

40 Gram silica gel


40 Gram silica gel


Lockdown Silica absorbs moisture from the air inside a vault or storage area preventing condensation, mildew and rust from damaging valuable firearms. Crystals change color once fully saturated and can be easily recharged in the oven.
- Absorbs moisture from the air
- Easily recharged in oven
- Durable vented can for easy handling

Power Clean Electric Gun Cleaning Brush


Power Clean Electric Gun Cleaning Brush


  • Power handle is sealed and resistant to gun-cleaning solvents and oils
  • Bristle heads are 3/4” dia.
  • .22 cal. nylon bore brush included
  • Interchangeable bristle brush heads: plastic, stainless steel, and bronze Adapter head that accepts 8-32 threaded cleaning brush tips (nylon 22 caliber brush included)
  • Powered by 4 ‘AA’ batteries for portability and long life (not included)
  • Soft touch rubberized handle and power switch
  • Pulse or continuous modes
  • Scrubs at 3600 oscillations per minute

OK, you KNOW I am NOT the poster boy for cleaning. I do lots of maintenance, but little cleaning. When I saw this I thought, “No more scrubbing until I go crazy.” Turn it on, ZAP, brushed.

Lazy? Never! Just saving myself for the important stuff:)

Platinum Series Case Trim & Prep Center


Platinum Series Case Trim & Prep Center


Frankford Arsenal's Case Trim & Prep Center accurately trims brass in seconds. An innovative Case Holder with Adjustable Collet and Bushing System indexes the case shoulder and can be set to precisely trim brass to the exact desired case length. Once the case holder is adjusted simply insert brass into the case holder as a collet aligns the case squarely with the hi-speed cutter. As the case mouth contacts the cutter it is trimmed until the case shoulder stops on an internal bushing. A series of three collets and five bushings (all included) accommodate any shouldered case from .17 Rem-.460 Wby.

In addition to the cutter, the station operates up to three additional tools at the same time. Inside and outside chamfer tools and primer pocket cleaners are included to fully prepare cases for loading. The heavy duty motor and drivetrain are optimized for durability and performance. Cutters and Chamfer tools are constructed of high quality hardened steel. A convenient built in storage box holds spare collets, bushings and tools. Patent Pending.

- Adjustable Collet System works with all cases from .17 Remington® to .460 Weatherby® (Cases must have a shoulder)
- Indexes cases on the shoulder for speed and precision
- Makes Trimming and Chamfering Cases fast and easy with no need for shell holders
- VLD Inside Chamfering Tool makes loading easier and prevents damage to bullets
- Outside Chamfer Tool, Large and Small Primer Pocket Cleaning tools included
- 3 Output shafts accept all case trimming accessories with 8-32 threads
- Aluminum and Steel construction for extreme durability and long life
- Ultra-Hard HSS Cutters stay sharp for thousands of rounds to make trimming quick and easy
- Can be operated in a variety of positions with included adjustable stand and non-skid feet
- Built-in storage box holds extra tools and keeps everything ready and organized

Mini Mr. BulletFeeder

Mini Mr. Bulletfeeder


A101437 .40

Extra bullet magazine


A10435 .40/.45
Only one left!

The Mini Mr. Bulletfeeder uses a 6-tube magazine system to hold roughly 100 bullets and fits into the brilliantly reliable bullet dropper die assembly used on the Mr. Bulletfeeder.

Each tube must be filled by hand but it prevents you having to put your fingers under the press when seating a bullet and crushing your pinky. Once a tube is empty simply rotate to the next and so on until empty. Fill 'em up and keep crankin' the handle!

The powder drop is designed to be used ONLY on a Dillon powder measure and you will need a station for this piece. This is hard to use on a 1050 using a powder check and relates to the angle in which the powder dropper sits. You have been advised. :-)

Golden Ammo Gauge: 20 hole

Golden Ammo Gauge: 20 hole

.38 Super, .40SW and .45ACP


In case 7 holes is not enough.

Range & Safety Gear

Drop & Offset Holster with ASR belt attachment

DROP & OFFSET HOLSTER with ASR belt attachment


The "offset" feature of this holster allows for a greater degree of outward cant, which positions the grip of your pistol away from the body in a vertical position for more positive indexing. This popular holster also features a "drop", which lowers the placement of the pistol for an easier reach, allowing the arm to remain more extended.

The Drop & Offset holster is very popular for range work and is perfect for women's carry. The loop is adjustable for three different cants, Straight Drop, FBI cant, Muzzle Forward.

ONLY for the following handguns and models while in stock:
BT2015.1 DOS - CZ P09
BT2105.1 DOS - CZ P07 RH black
BT2107 DOH -Browning HiPower RH black
BT2109 DOH - CZ 75 RH black
BT2110L DOS - Ruger SR9 LH
BT2111 DOH - Beretta 92FS RH black
BT2112 DOH - CZ 75 Tctcl Sprt Rh blk
BT2114 DOS - Beretta PX4 Storm 9/40
BT2115.S Speed-Baby Eagle 4.5 .45 rail
BT2115L DOS - Baby Eagle 4.5", rail LH
BT2120 DOH - Ruger P85 RH black
BT2150 DOH - SA XD 9/40 5" RH black
BT2151 DOS - Springfield XD 5.25" RH
BT2155 DOH - Beretta 90-Two
BT2156 DOS - Beretta 92/96 Brigadier
BT3021 DOS Steyr L9A1 RH black
BT3040 DOH Ruger 22/45 6.8" bbl RH bl
BT3050 DOH - HK USP Expert RH black
BT3052 DOS HK P30L rh black
BT4110 DOH-STI GP6 RH Black
BT6102 DOS - SW 686 4.25" RH black
BT6103 DOS - S&W L frame 5"

4 Shell Shotshell Magnetic Pouch


4 Shell Shotshell Magnetic Pouch


6 Shell Shotshell Magnetic Pouch


6 Shell Shotshell Magnetic Pouch


Fiber Optic Sight Refill


Refill Packs

(1mm or 1.5mm, red or green)

$5 per two pieces

Fits standard fiber optic sights. When you order, please specify 1mm or 1.5mm, as well as red or green.

NOTE: When installing the fiber optic rod, some shooters like to use a small dab of crazy glue where the rod will touch the middle support of the sight. Do not put glue on the front support or the back support as it will be much more difficult to uninstall/reinstall the rod for future modifications.

Brass Picker 1000


Brass Picker 1000


For years I have heard everyone bemoan the fact that there is no "brass magnet" to pick up those empty cases we all so dearly need to keep reloading. I have spent 40 years bending over picking up brass. That is now over!


With the "Brass Picker 1000" you do NOT have to bend over. Just follow the instructions and dump your brass into the bucket. It works on almost all surfaces but NOT on gravel. We can live with that.

Each order gives you the Brass Picker 1000 and a bucket attachment for the bucket that you provide. Every time I use mine, the crowd goes wild. To paraphrase Scarlett, "I'll never bend over to pick up brass again!"

CED Table Mounting Plate


Table Mounting Plate


Custom designed for use with the CED Millennium and M2 Chronographs, this table mounting plate is made of heavy metal construction that provides a strong stable base for positioning the Chronograph mounting bracket and screens on any flat surface. Ideal for use when a tripod is not practical.

The Table Mounting Plate weighs 4.4lbs. (2.0kgs) and measures 12" x 8.75" and sits 1" high off the table. It is made of steel, with steel feet and steel screw settings. A VERY solid construction.

Ammo Boxes

Ammo Boxes, all sizes


I carry a variety of 100 round ammo boxes for .40SW and .45ACP.

They come in blue.


Alpha Rail System



The Alpha Rail System is a pouch mounting option allowing you to quickly click various types of pouches on and off your shooting belt. Ideal for 3 Gunners and shooters who wish to use their rig for multiple applications. Designed for 1.5” shooting belts allowing maximum contact with the velcro on inner/outer belt sets.

Now you can easily replace a pistol mag pouch with an AR pouch or shotshell holder in seconds.

Designed for all DAA mag pouches and shotgun ammo holders.


  • 1 belt attachment part, complete w/2 steel brackets
  • 1 pouch attachment part
  • 1 serrated adaptor spacer
  • 1 central M5 mounting screw

1911 Steel Clip



This unique Steel clip is designed to capture the recoil spring plug on 1911s using the reverse plug system. Replaces bent paper clips or small nails, which are cumbersome to use. Slip the loop portion of this clip over the guide rod and slide until the end is positivity engaged with the retention hole in the rod. This allows for a controlled release of the slide in disassembling a pistol by capturing the recoil spring until it is purposely removed. Dis-assembly becomes smoother, easier, and prevents mishaps.

A perfect addition to the workbench, range bag, and cleaning kit. Buy several and always be prepared when the need arises.

Mec-Gar 1911 Magazine


.45 ACP 8 shot magazine, blue


These are one of the best after market .45 ACP mags I have found. Buy them with confidence to know they will work.

Majestic Arms Bolt Racker for Ruger



Type 1 Square



BOLT RACKER TYPE 2 MkII MkIII Dovetail large

Type 2 Large Dovetail 1 1/4"



BOLT RACKER TYPE 3 MkIII Dovetail small

Type 3 Small Dovetail 1 1/16"


The Bolt Racker allows for effortless cocking of your pistol.

  • Lightweight aircraft grade aluminum
  • Easy to install
  • Can be mounted for right or left handed shooters
  • Flat black anodized finish
  • 3 types for all variations of production

Mec-Gar Para .45 10 round mags

Mec-Gar Para .45 10 round mags


Para .45 10 round mags in silver only (blue is shown, but blue is not available)

Firing Pin Stop Plate Removal Tool



This handy tool removes the firing pin stop and then safely replaces it in 1911's and 1911 clones. Made from nylon it is oil and solvent resistant. The interior of the tool also is a handy bushing removal tool. Fits both standard bushings and commander style. There is a nifty magnet that holds the plate so you don't have to worrying about dropping and losing it, very convenient.

C-MORE Blast Shield

Blast Shield


Tired of constantly cleaning the front of your C-More? For all the Open Division shooters, this is a must have item. Similar items sell for around $100, but this Canadian product sells for $45 and is extremely well made.

Once you have completed the easy installation, you will find that the muzzle blast from your comp no longer messes up your sight picture. The constant cleaning of the front lens becomes a simpler process and needs to be done less often.


Tactical Gear

Tac Top Rail



Ruger SR-22 Top Rail, eleven and five eighths (11 5/8) inches long, with five (5) screws, and a hex wrench. It extends from the existing Picatinny rail on the SR-22 rifles to 1 1/4 inches past the forearm.

E-Tac rail w/sling stud



9" Long. Has the hole in the E-Tac rail for the sling swivel stud. Included with each rail will be 4 screws.

UTG Tri-Rail See-Thru Riser Mount



UTG Tri-Rail See-Thru Riser Mount with Picatinny Rails for flashlight, laser and additional accessory application. Comes with Mounting base and Locking plate to fit on any E-Tac, Picatinny or Weaver Rail. Additional STANAG dimension of STANAG scopes.Ideal height, length and spacing to accommodate most versatile applications. Will fit on a variety of rifles.

Tac Top Rail


$60 each

9" Long. Does not have the hole in the E-Tac rail for the sling swivel stud. This one can be used on the sides and the top of the forearm. Included with each rail will be 4 screws.

UTG 1" High 2-Slot Hi-Profile Super Compact Riser Mount



• New Gen. Riser Mount for Rifles with Picatinny/Weaver Rail
• 1.2" Long Picatinny Rail with 2 Slots
• Side Plate with Spring Tension for Quick Easy Installation
• Precision Made from Aircraft Aluminum with Matte Black Anodizing
• 1.0" Saddle Height with See-through Design

Tactical OP- 1 Bipod



• Fits Iron Eagle Tactical E-Tac Rail Model 106a or 106c/Picatinny/Weaver Rails
• Foldable Arms with Robust External Spring Tension Control
• Fully Extendable Legs with Posi-lock Wheel & Quick Retraction Button
• Center Height Adjustable from 6.1" to 7.9"
• Leg Length Extendable from 5.5" to 7.4"

Five position Foldable Foregrip



• Use Position Button to Fold Forward/ Backward and Lock the Grip
• Fits all Iron Eagle Tactical, E-Tac / Picatinny / Weaver Rails
• Designed with Battery/Tool Compartment (1 AA or 2 Lithium Batteries)
• Side slides allow for Ambi Use of Pressure Pad
• Ergonomic Finger Groves for most Comfortable Grip
• SWAT Hat, batteries and bullets not included!
• Will fit on any rifle that has a E-Tac, Picatinny, or Weaver rail system under the forearm.

UTG 12 pcs Rubber Rail Guards (Black)

IE-112 (12 pieces)


• Premium Rubber Rail Guards with Flexible Adjustment
• Will fit on any rifle that has a E-Tac, Picatinny, or Weaver rail system.

UTG Combat 26mm IRB LED Flashlight, with Interchangeable Mounting Deck



• UTG Combat Weapon-mount and Handheld Tactical LED Flashlight
• Best in Class with CREE Q5 LED
• Integrated Reflector and Light Bulb to Provide Instant Spot Focus for Clear Object Identification
• Twist-on, Push-Button and Remote Pressure Switch Triple on/off Systems
• Combat Tactical Front Head
• Law Enforcement Rated Rolling Stop Shoulder
• Interchangeable Mounting Deck and Handheld Main Body

Material: Aluminum
Weight with Battery: 6.5 oz
Flashlight Bulb Type: 26mm LED IRB
Flashlight Voltage(V): 6
Flashlight Max. Lumen(Lumens): 150
Flashlight Battery Operating Time: 2hrs+
Switch Operating Type: Push-button Momentary/Twist-on Permanent Switch
Flashlight Focus: Preset
Pressure Switch Included: Yes
Diameter: 1.07"
Length: 5.26"
Color: Black

FM 3-9x26 MilDot Tactical Scope



No more guesswork, when you're looking through this high- performance Scope. The Images are SHARP and CLEAR, even in dim light.

A 7-position rheostat for reticle brightness control, makes it the perfect feature to have in the early morning or toward evening when there's low light out there. You will like the performance of this scope.

• Euro (Compact) Rifle Scope
• • 3-9 variable zoom power with 26mm objective front
• Tube Diameter, 1"
• Weight 14.4 OZ, Length 8.15"
• 8" Eye relief

Also included, but not shown is a riser block.

• Illuminated Mil Dot Reticle
• Matte black finish, with three Picatinny rails
• Fully coated lenses
• Field of View- (100YD) 83.88' - 31.5'
• Shock, water, and fog proof
• Lens Caps included
• 8.9" long

Note: We recommend using the Model # 108b,108c,108d, or 108f 1" Riser Mount to attain comfortable height for shooting..



JP Original Recoil Eliminator

JP Comp


Let's face it, comps are easy to make. Perfecting them is the hard part.

The JP original Recoil Eliminator will always be the benchmark for compensator performance. Every new comp design they develop strives to measure up while keeping a slimmer profile.

Tweaked over multiple iterations, our Competition Compensator lineup comes within striking distance. With ports tuned to match the RE Series as close as possible, these comps shoot flat and hold neutral. For the hungry competitor, that means getting back on target cracking followup shots as fast as possible.

This compensator meets and maximizes the potential allowed by the 1" x 3" dimensional rule, making it SOF/Tactical/USPSA Limited legal and optimal.

Package includes compensator, crush washer and instruction sheet.


  • Extremely balanced and neutral fire
  • Redirects muzzle gasses to cancel out a large portion of recoil impulse
  • Provides dramatically improved sight recovery for faster follow-up shots
  • Minimized muzzle rise
  • Reduced recoil fatigue
  • Longer design to allow for pin-and-weld installation on shorter barrels
  • SOF/Tactical/USPSA Limited legal
  • American made

Flashlights & Batteries

Combat 23mm IRB LED Pistol Flashlight



• UTG Integral Tactical LED Pistol Flashlight
• Best in Class with CREE Q5 LED
• Integrated Reflector and Light Bulb to Provide Instant Spot Focus for Clear Object Identification
• Ambidextrous Finger Adjustable Toggle/Permanent On/Off Switch
• Complete with Integral Picatinny/Weaver Mounting Deck and 2 Lithium Batteries

WARNING: Follow battery safety procedures when you use your light or laser. Leaving operating lights in gun cases or any areas with minimal heat dissipation will cause overheating and battery explosion. Always make sure your light is off and will not be accidentally turned on during storage or transportation.




Klarus XT11 LED Flashlight with CREE XM-L U2 LED 600 lumens - Military Grey Finish- Uses 2 x CR123A. Includes holster, lanyard, body clip, tactical ring, and two spare O-rings.

Picatinny Mount for XT10-XT11 & XT20 Flashlights



This durable metal mount snugly fits Klarus's most tactical lights for mounting capabilities. Install by removing the flashlight's tailcap and sliding the light through the mount. Clamps on top of the mount will fit any standard Picatinny rail.

Sunwayman T20CS



Uses one single 18650 or two CR123A batteries (batteries not included). In Turbo Mode (2 x CR123A batteries): 658 Lumens (68 min). Accessories: tactical ring, holster, O-ring, rubber cap, lanyard.

Nitecore MH Series

Introducing the Nitecore MH (Multi-Task Hybrid) and MT (Multi-Task) series of lights.

Nitecore MH1C



550 Lumens can be generated from this light, while up to 10 hours of runtime can be achieved in the 22 lumen low mode. Includes: Nitecore RCR123A Li-ion battery(NL166), lanyard, USB cable, clip, holster, spare switch cap, and spare O-ring.

Nitecore MT1C



NITECORE MT1C Multi-Task LED Flashlight - 280 Lumens with CREE XP-G R5 LED - Uses 1 x CR123

I have been carrying this light for about 2 months now and don't know HOW I got along without it, no battery change yet. I have always had a flashlight with me over the years. I thought it was quite good. Once I started carrying this EDC(every day carry) light, it has been like a gift from above. I can use the low setting to read menus and more. That is something those of the senior persuasion can appreciate more than the less senior folks.

Nitecore's MT1C is fully customizable with two preset modes that offer multiple combinations of levels and modes for true versatility. Turbo mode is selected by keeping the head fully tightened. While in Turbo, the light will output its maximum brightness of 280 lumens with a momentary action the tailcap switch (use a half press for momentary on, or a full click for constant on).

With the head loosened about a half a turn, the light goes into the user defined mode. Switching the light on and off cycles through the different outputs: High, Medium, Low, SOS, and Strobe. The last output level you select (after leaving the light off for more than 2 seconds) will remain when the light is turned on. At any time, tightening the head will put the light back into Turbo mode.

The MT1C uses 1 CR123 sized battery and is water and impact resistant. Other features include an anti-rolling design, detachable two-way anti-rolling clip, purpose-made rhombic knurling for better grip. Accessories include lanyard, spare O-ring.

Ultrafire 18650 2600 mah battery



The Ultrafire 18650 2600mah Protected cell features a button top making it particularly compatible with many flashlight applications.

Rechargeable Lithium batteries are rapidly becoming a very economical way to lower the operating costs of Lithium-Powered flashlights. A number of different options meet any rechargeable needs. These are Protected batteries.

These fully protected cells simplify usage with their integrated PCB. Perfect for your single cell application these cells are not for pack building as doing so will defeat the PCB protection which is matched to the correct voltage on a single cell. If you are building a pack please choose one of our other cells and the appropriate PCB.


TruGlo Targets

TruGlo Handgun Sights (as shown on a Glock)


Kimber cut, 1911 style


I have used these for years and they are the BRIGHTEST fibre optic sights I have ever used. They have longer fibre pieces in the back sight and that super design concept is carried over to the front sight too. If your eyes have "matured" (a kind word for gotten old), then these are for you. And for the "youngsters" (under 50), these sights dramatically improve your sight alignment and the following sight picture.

For those moving into Classic Division in IPSC, these, along with other new items, will give you the edge you are seeking.


Laser Ammo Dry Fire Practice Systems

Over the years I have seen a number of systems for dry fire practice at home. I have always promoted dry firing as a method of building mechanical motor skills that help us shoot at the subconscious level which leaves the conscious mind to find the target, put the sights on it and make the appropriate hit.


SureStrike .38/.357 cartridge, no battery


Using one of these leaves 5 empty chambers in a 6 round cylinder, five more will be needed if you wish to have continuous dry fire sessions. Look at having some 9mm cartridges and convert them or use a .38/.357 back cap.


SureStrike .40SW and .45ACP Cartridge adapters



.40S&W caliber adapter ring
.45ACP caliber adapter ring
SureStrike short safety pipe - will fit all handguns with barrels from 2.9” to 4”
Safety Pipe Extension - Connects to the safety pipe to add an additional 1” length
Safety nut.


SureStrike .44 adapter


Add this to a 9mm cartridge and your .44 revolver is converted.

No tools needed!


Dual function activator/boresight cap


The TA/DB (Dual Function) back cap protects your firing pin as a snap cap and is a combination between the Digital Bore Sight cap and the Target Activator cap. The Target Activator cap is used to enhance dry fire practice with point of impact recognition / feedback. The Digital Bore Sight cap is used to convert the SureStrikeTM into a digitally controlled bore sight activated by trigger pull. This back cap offers you two functions in one cap. All caps are guaranteed for 5,000 shots minimum.

The transition between the two functions is done simply by holding down the primer part of the cap (with a pencil or any other similar object, even your finger) for 7 seconds. A double flash will indicate the transition between modes.

The Dual Function back cap can be used to replace any cap on all SureStrike™ 9mm cartridges and can be used with all available caliber adapters.

(excludes .38SP/357, .380, 223, Makrov and Vibration Cartridges)


.308 Win adapter


Converts the standard 9mm Luger SureStrikeTM into a .308 Win. cartridge. The SureStrikeTM cartridge threads into the two piece adapter sleeve ensuring accuracy and eliminating the possibility of the adapter being left in the chaimber. No tools needed.

SureStrikeTM 7.62 / 308 Rifle Adapter includes:

.308 Win 2 piece rifle adapter sleeve


.223 AR15 adapter


The SureStrikeTM 223 for AR-15 cartridge allows you to train with your favortie rifle at home. By pulling the trigger the impact of the firing pin activates the SureStrike™ to emit an eye safe laser pulse, a shot of red light, which simulates the point of impact where a bullet fired from the weapon would have struck. Hang the included reflective targets up across a room, take aim, and pull the trigger. When you dry fire the SureStrikeTM emits an eye safe shot of red laser light. You get instant visual feedback of shot placement. This immediate feedback from the SureStrikeTM transforms regular plain dry fire into a powerful learning experience.


Battery Pack


The battery pack includes: 3 packs of 3

Silver oxide dry cell batteries shrink wrapped for ease of use.

This battery pack is suitable for use with all of Laser Ammo products that require a battery.

Important: do not remove the shrink wrap from the batteries.


Bruce from Alberta:

Murray, everything arrived A-OK. Thank you very much. Your service is excellent. Parts for the SR-22 fit exactly as advertised.

Walter from BC:

Murray, great shopping experience! I've added you to my "favorites."


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