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August 25, 2012: Supports the Shooting Community

October 30, 2011: Have You Seen This Awesome Video?

July 1, 2009: 50,000 Visitors - Thank You!

August 25, 2012 Supports the Shooting Community

Each year as I attend matches across Canada I have a great time visiting with friends, old and new. As always, I provide those high quality products that the practical shooting community uses. To pay back for the wonderful support my business receives, I also sponsor various events. Each event is evaluated on its merits and I look for certain criteria to determine which events to sponsor.

This year I sponsored stages at the IPSC Canada Nationals, IPSC MB Provincials and IPSC BC Provincials. The match committees know how important it is to give us sponsors exposure as that is one of the primary reasons we support the matches.

Here are some photos that show how it went down this year.


MB Provincials

The BC Provincials are Labour Day weekend in Lone Butte, always a great time! I'll post those pictures when I have them.

I was also very pleased to receive this email from the current IPSC Canada Standard Division National Champion, Scott Penner:

I just got home from the 2012 IPSC Canada National Championship, and just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much your sponsorship of this match is appreciated. Without companies like yours supporting our sport, matches like this one just wouldn't be the same. THANK YOU!! DVC Scott Penner

Scott proves he is a class act, not only when shooting but when the event finishes. Be certain to congratulate Scott and all our champions when you see them.

Another person who understands the importance of sponsors is Bruce Lalonde, SC for IPSC SK. Bruce sent an email to his members giving highlights of SK members and the nationals. He then reproduced the sponsors logos and web page links.

Emails like Scott's and the efforts of people like Bruce throughout the organization who make sure that all our sponsors are recognized make it pleasant for me to continue my support of IPSC matches in 2013 and maybe even expand my efforts. My thanks to them for the good work they do to keep our sport healthy and strong.

See you on the ranges,
Murray "DOC" Gardner.

October 30, 2011

Have You Seen This Awesome Video?

Julian Beak has made an incredible video of his perspective as a new IPSC shooter, at the setup and match for the IPSC BC 2011 Provincials. This amazing production gives you insight into everything a match encompasses.

If you haven't seen it yet, what are you waiting for? Click here!

See you on the ranges,
Murray "DOC" Gardner.

Injection Molded Belt Holster

Injection Molded Belt Holster


Currently available for Colt 1911 5"(and similar) and Glock 17/22/31(and as noted below). If your model is not here, contact me for delivery time.

Blade-Tech now draws from its own injection molded capabilities and its many years in the holster business, to produce low cost, high quality polymer holsters. These holsters are made from a specially formulated polymer made for this type of injection molding. Stronger and more heat resistant than sheet material.

Injection Molded Belt Holster - Will fit 1911, Glock 17/22, 19/23, or 26/27 Beretta 92 series, Brigadier, Vertec. The Beretta holster, with a slight adjustment in the tension screws will fit the 92/96 series as well as the Brigadier and Vertec series.

Straight Drop only
Right Hand only

Note: (THE HOLSTER FOR THE GLOCK 17/22 WILL ALSO FIT THE GLOCK 34/35, BUT IT WILL EXTEND THROUGH THE BOTTOM OF THE HOLSTER APPROX 1 INCH.) This holster will not work for any 1911 with rail at this time.

Drop & Offset Holster

Drop & Offset Holster


Currently stocking CZ-SP01, Glock 17/22/31, STI Edge, SW M&P, Colt 1911 5"(and similar such as Para). If your model is not here, contact me for delivery time.

The "offset" feature of this holster allows for a greater degree of outward cant, which positions the grip of your pistol away from the body in a vertical position for more positive indexing. This popular holster also features a "drop", which lowers the placement of the pistol for an easier reach, allowing the arm to remain more extended.

The Drop & Offset holster is very popular for range work and is perfect for women's carry. The loop is adjustable for three different cants, Straight Drop, FBI cant, Muzzle Forward.

Revolution Holster Series



Currently stocking Sig 226 series. If your model is not here, contact me for delivery time.

Blade-tech uses it's extensive knowledge in kydex© holster making to bring you the Revolution line of holsters. Using a proprietary blend of polymers, Blade-Tech has engineered these holsters to offer lifetime performance in a wide range of conditions. The holsters won’t become soft in extreme temperatures (over 300º F) and won’t become fragile in low temperatures. Holsters come with a Sting Ray belt loop (adjustable for a 1” to 2 1/4” belt).

Black Ice

Black Ice ASR Drop and Offset Holster (DOH)


Currently sampling STI Edge with carbon fibre finish. The finish makes the price a bit higher but if you want a snappy looking and different holster, this would be the one.

  • Deep channel to allow smooth draw while in the seated position.
  • Broad opening allowing a faster no binding draw under stress and allows for a fast re-holster.
  • Tall sight channel to accommodate aftermarket night sights or fiber optic sights.
  • Positive tension lock trigger guard™.
  • Adjustable tensioning screws.
  • Thermoformed Kydex™

blog: July 1

50,000 Visitors - Thank You!


Over 50,000 visitors since this web page began in 2005. That's 12,500 a year and over 1,000 per month. I want to thank every one of you for your interest and for your business.

I have been at this game a long time and have watched as the trade and game have matured. In the way back days, you needed a store front and had to be there the 24/7 thing. Now, with the web, I can reach more clients and provide them with products and services such as we had never imagined when the Colt .45 ACP was the dominant IPSC gun.

Today's new guns and gear reflect the dramatic changes in the shooting sports in over 30 years. With the changes that are always coming, I have tried to find products that I use so that I can endorse them to my clients. If I won't use it, I won't sell it. Simple philosophy that seems to be accepted by my clients. That business model is working and I want to thank those who continue to make it work.

The new web page layout is thanks to my "Web Goddess", Tracey Martinsen, who is also a damn fine pistol shot and further proof that women can be better shooters than they, or most men, think. She is always keeping the pages tuned up and looking after the web stuff so I can look after you, the clients.

I hope you find the new products of value and interest and that my web pages keep you coming back to move you to success and enjoyment of safe shooting.

Best wishes to everyone of you,
Murray "DOC" Gardner


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