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Extreme Pistol Shooting (IPSC)

What is Extreme Pistol?

EXTREME PISTOL (IPSC) is an enjoyable and dynamic handgun shooting sport. Hitting the targets is easy but still challenging.

Tell me more!

As an IPSC shooter, you will use your handgun safely in a recreational atmosphere that will bring you together with others who enjoy the sportsmanship found in handgun ownership and competition.

EXTREME PISTOL (IPSC) is the most exciting shooting sport in the world.

For those of you about to start out, this is how a major match is born. I hope you then realize the effort put out on behalf of the shooters by those who put these events on. This is probably the best done video of an IPSC match being born that I have seen. The visuals and production of this video expertly set the mood for the viewer and takes them on a journey for an inside look at a tremendous event. Congrats to everyone involved!

Take the Extreme Pistol (IPSC) Training Certification Course (TCC)

Before you can shoot Extreme Pistol, you must take a minimum of 16 hours of training. This training will teach you to compete safely with your pistol in Extreme Pistol competitions.

REMEMBER: Stay at home if you feel sick, wash your hands, get vaxed and boosters, stay well.

You must meet these requirements before you can take this training course. If you need pistol lessons, see my handgun training page. (See Joe S's comments in the red bar on the left side of this page.)

During the course you will learn how to safely:

  • draw a centrefire handgun from a holster and shoot it
        - with two hands
        - with right hand
        - with left hand
  • speed reload; move & reload
  • shoot around a barricade
  • shoot both kneeling and prone
  • move and shoot
  • shoot on the move
  • shoot reactive steel targets
  • and much more!



#2 - 9938 201st
Langley, BC V1M 3E9

Cost and Materials

Contact me as soon as possible as I will be sending all materials, etc. by email before the course date.

You MUST have a membership in IPSC BC to register for the course. Visit

Once you have your IPSC BC receipt for $120 you may then contact me to register for the course.

My IPSC Training Certification Course (“Black Badge”) fee is $275 and includes:

  • 16 hours of instruction by IPSC Canada co-founder and longest certified Training Course Instructor, Murray Gardner
  • Scoring supplies (targets and tape) and all range equipment
  • If you are not a member of the host club, The Range Langley, there will be a $30/day Day Card fee when on the range, the last 2 of 3 days, for a total of $60. You will pay The Range the Day Card fees on the first day of class and sign The Range Langley waiver for range use.
  • There is a $100 cancellation fee, without notice on reasonable grounds, 72 hr before the first day of the course to offset expenses incurred
  • The class is held indoors so that weather, either too hot or too cold, will not affect the students ability to learn all that is required.

You will need to bring:

  • Your own pistol, holster, minimum 3 magazines, and magazine pouches. This Extreme Pistol Equipment Checklist will help you sort it out. (If necessary, I can supply you with all the equipment you need and give you direction on getting ammunition. Call me to discuss at 604-889-3822 between 9AM and 5PM please.)
  • Ammunition (min 350 rounds)
    Do NOT bring ammunition for the first day of class, only the last two days.
  • Refreshments, appropriate clothing to the weather, etc.
  • 2018 NROI Rulings

Official Ruling
In the interest of Safety, NROI Canada will be prohibiting the use of Blackhawk Serpa Holsters and their variants that unlock in the same manner (using the trigger finger to release the firearm above the trigger guard) as of January, 1, 2018. The design of this holster has resulted in many documented accidents; has been banned by multiple law enforcement agencies and other sporting associations. This is covered under rule 5.2.6 – Range Master’s authority – IPSC Canada has deemed it unsafe and its use will not be permitted in any IPSC competitions.

Payment and Pre-work

You are required to pay for your course with EMT or cash at least 7 days before the first session.

On payment, you will receive your course materials and a receipt for payment. You will need this time to pre-read the course material and complete the Open Book exam that will be marked the weekend before the first day and results sent back to you.

The Open Book exam is 50 questions, True/False or multiple choice, that will help you learn the rules you need to be successful at IPSC. All of the answers are in the material you will receive when you register.

You MUST complete this exam the Friday BEFORE the first day of the course. This exam can take up to 1.5 hours to complete. You may find it helpful to use this searchable online copy of the IPSC Rule Book so you can search for keywords.

Training Certification Course ("Black Badge") Schedule

Typically, each course is conducted over three evenings, from 6PM to 11PM although special arrangements might be made, see below. To register, confirm that you meet the requirements, then call me at 604.889.3822.

REMEMBER: Stay at home if you feel sick, wash your hands, get vaxed and boosters, stay well.

Please register at least one week before the course date. Dates subject to change without notice.

The 2024 schedule is premised on Mon/Tue/Wed as currently used and the Liberals not completely decimating the shooting sports.

2024 Schedule
  • Mon/Tue/Wed Jun 24/25/26
  • Mon/Tue/Wed Jul 22/23/24
  • Mon/Tue/Wed Aug 19/20/21
  • Mon/Tue/Wed Sep 23/24/25
  • Mon/Tue/Wed Oct 21/22/23
  • Mon/Tue/Wed Nov 18/19/20

    Want to Know More About IPSC?

    For more information about IPSC, visit the IPSC provincial, national, and international sites by clicking on the logos below.

    IPSC_Provincial     IPSC_National     IPSC_International

    Want to Improve your Practical Shooting Scores?

    Learn to Go Prone for Long Shots

    At a winter IPSC Training Course, DOC demonstrates what the prone lesson could lead to in your future. The target is at 25m, first shot at 2.50 sec and last shot approximately 5.0; 4 Alpha, 2 Charlie. Note that the gun is kept well away from the weak hand as the weak hand goes to the ground to cushion the drop as the shooter extends to the full prone position. For our friends in Eastern Canada, you will also notice that there is...wait for it...SNOW! Yes, occasionally, up in the mountains, we allow some snow to fall so our ski industry can thrive:)

    Don't Let the Course Design Cheat You of a Victory!

    View this clip from Prince George in 2005 and then read this strategy article: Don't Let the Course Design Cheat You of a Victory!

    How To Practice Effectively (For Just About Anything) by Annie Bosler and Don Greene

    This video link came from one of my assistants on the TCC, Rob C. Take some time to watch it. When you take the TC, it will make more sense.

    This less than 5 minute "TED Ed" video reinforces everything we tell students about practice, dry fire and visualization.


Stephen S. from BC:

I just wanted to pass on a small thank you for the last two years.

When I first became interested in handguns and then in IPSC, you were there with an amazingly friendly and humble attitude.

After I passed my Black Badge course (which you taught), you were still interested in my progress and would always offer a tip or two.

Over the last two years I have grown to love this sport and only wish I had been interested in it earlier.

I want to thank you for being such a great ambassador for IPSC and also for being an amazing mentor to me over the last two years.

Jerry S. from BC:

The dust settled down and I have reviewed the IPSC Training Black Badge Course in Nanaimo... I have a long way to go but now I feel that I know where to start… (I guess :) The course was awesome, exceeded my expectation, I feel I have the ground to build on. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience and knowledge, and for your patience.

Joe S. from BC:

I wanted to write you to provide some feedback on the recent Black Badge Course I took with you. The course was a great experience. With your instruction my skills improved markedly and I had a lot of fun.

The only improvement I could think of would be in my own preparation. It is possible to meet the prerequisites with extremely poor technique. I spent time on the range making sure I could hit a 7" by 11" target with the wrong grip, sight picture and stance. Knowing what I know now, I would have taken a one hour course on basics including grip, sights and trigger and then gone to the range to practice the learning (prior to the Black Badge). This approach would have enabled me to meet the Black Badge prerequisites much quicker, while consuming far less ammunition in the process.

Having said that, it has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to learning more about the sport of IPSC!

Wally from Ontario:

Wow! Great web page. I am new to IPSC I found the info on your site a great read. I love the article on stage strategy. It helped me out at the Ontario Provincials a couple of days ago.

I never realized that there is so much to IPSC strategy. I have had my Black Badge for less than a month and have shot a Level II and a Level III. I really believe your article on stage strategy helped me out a lot at the Provincials. I just always assumed that if the targets were there I am supposed to shoot at them.

Extreme Video Clips

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